Following the conclusion of cooperation agreements with the municipalities of the region, a cooperation agreement was signed between Haxhi Zeka University in Pejë (UHZ) and the Municipality of Malisheva. For this purpose, the Rector of UHZ, Prof. dr. Armand Krasniqi together with representatives of the UHZ welcomed the mayor of the municipality of Malisheva, Mr. Ekrem Kastrati. The focus of the discussion at the meeting was the cooperation of UHZ with the Municipality of Malisheva regarding the project of creating the Regional Economic Development Forum. Rector Krasniqi explained the importance of the Forum in raising capacities for writing international projects. Such a thing is aimed at increasing the possibilities of regional development through applications with such projects. On the other hand, major Kastrati highly appreciated the work and commitment of UHZ in creating such a Forum. Also, he expressed his readiness for the municipality he leads to be one of the collaborators in this project.


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