Blerim Gjeladini

Mr. Blerim Gjeladini is the founder of Terra, a well-known leader in the field of digital marketing and electoral campaigns. With extensive and successful experience, he has created a company specialized in social media analysis and digital public opinion.
Ms. Gjeladini has worked in the Western Balkans and African countries, gaining deep knowledge of electoral dynamics and marketing strategies in these regions. He has built the Terra platform, which is a recent innovation in the field of digital marketing and integrates artificial intelligence to provide advanced solutions for clients.
Terra is a global partner of the Viber platform and offers technical services for the Meta platform. This demonstrates the high level of trust and reputation the company has in the digital marketing industry.
Blerim Gjeladini has also served as an advisor to several ministries in the region and around the world. His experience and expertise in marketing and politics have allowed him to provide valuable advice and successful strategies for political leaders in achieving positive change and winning elections.
With his clear vision and commitment to innovation and continuous development, Ms. Gjeladini and the Terra company are a significant force in the field of digital marketing and electoral campaigns. They continue to assist clients in their successful future in the digital world.