Ms. Efka Heder has over 25 years of professional experience as an international education expert, in the field of lifelong entrepreneurial learning, educational reforms and development of educational policies, development of learning outcomes, national qualification framework and national curricula, training of teachers and school management, and policy development for education with a special focus on entrepreneurial eco-system; being an education policy analyst and expert in development and reforms of the human capital dimension also related to EU Competitiveness and Entrepreneurship development agenda. Ms Heder is also MIT InnovatorsUnder35 Ambassador and World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF) Senator for entrepreneurial learning and women entrepreneurship; member of EU expert groups for entrepreneurial learning, woman and migrants’ entrepreneurship; EU Entrepreneurship Education Competence framework; and Developing Indicators for measuring implementation of entrepreneurship education as a key competence for EU member states. She leaded SEECEL (South East European Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning) for 10 years, since its inception to one of EU and world best practices.

In brief, the team leaders’ main responsibilities are:

a) Management of Project Implementation Unit and Project finances and ensuring conditions for achieving project expected results as defined per DoA

b) Coordination and representation with all relevant stakeholders

c) Project visibility

Lately Ms. Heder received EU awards as European ENTRECOMP Champion.