• Date

    14,15 - Septembar - 2023
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    Hotel Dukagjini, Peja
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The Regional Economic Forum – Dukagjini (FER-D), founded by the University “Haxhi Zeka”, in partnership with the municipalities of Peja, Deçan, Klina, Istog, Junik, Gjakova and Malisheva, is a permanent platform where participants from the central government and local government, businesses, civil society, experts, academic staff and students, discuss and collaborate to identify, analyze and address challenges and opportunities for economic growth at local, regional and wider levels. FER-D aims to improve the coordination of interaction between these subjects and help create policies, strategies and suitable projects to help the economic development of the country.

The goals of a regional economic forum that involve universities, local and central government, and the business sector may vary depending on the specific context and priorities set by the organizers. However, some of the more common goals of these types of conferences may include:

  1. Building and strengthening relations between academia, the public sector and the private sector.
  2. Exchange of ideas and experiences regarding current economic challenges and opportunities in the region.
  3. Promoting a coordinated way to address issues of public economic policies, such as infrastructure development, support for innovation, employment policy, etc.
  4. Encouraging interregional and international cooperation to address economic issues that affect more than one country or region.
  5. Inclusion of policy choices with scientific basis and proven by academic studies and analysis of studies.
  6. Advocacy for the future approach to feelings, innovative and sustainable activity to promote economic growth and prosperity of citizens.
  7. Creation and utilization of new opportunities for investment and entrepreneurship from the business sector.
  8. Establishing close relations between the public and private sectors to improve the coordination and implementation of strategies and economic policies.

Regional Economic Forum - Dukagjini Event Hightlights

Interview of prof.ass.dr Alma Shehu and Prof.ass. dr. Suada Ajdarpasic on Dukagjini TV


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